BioBus and BioBase programs bring the excitement of scientific discovery and the opportunity to pursue research and science careers to low-income students, schools without science labs, and those underrepresented in STEM. Our students depend on the generosity of people like you – donate now to keep BioBus on the road driving science education.

Thank you.

  • $25 allows a student to attend a BioBus class and learns about anatomy by viewing Daphnia under a microscope
  • $50 sponsors a PhD volunteer teaching a BioBase course
  • $100 supports a student engaging in inquiry-based discovery using high powered microscopes during four Saturday Science classes
  • $500 sponsors a class (20-30 students) visits the BioBus and is excited for future science classes
  • $1,000 sends a student to a week long summer camp at the BioBase or on the BioBus
  • $2,500 sponsors a one day BioBus visit to a local, low-income school, where students are now excited about science

You can also mail a donation to 1361 Amsterdam Avenue, Suite 340, New York, NY 10027. Make checks payable to BioBus.

We are grateful for our donors and sponsors, who keep BioBus on the road, driving science education!

For more information about making a donation, sponsorship, matching gifts, or to give through a corporation, foundation, or donor advised fund, please contact Sasha Chait, Director of Development, 347-766-4974 or

BioBus, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization EIN 26-2092282. Donations to BioBus, Inc. (formerly known as Cell Motion Laboratories) are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.