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Engage from Home: Online STEM Resources

Scientific discovery and exploration does not stop when schools are closed. Here are some ideas to continue developing your science skills at home:

Get to know your non-human neighbors

There are over 2 million species living on earth, and humans are just one of them! Take a look around your home and neighborhood, and see how many different types of living things you can identify. Here are some online guides that can help you in your exploration:

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If you have a smartphone or tablet, you can use the Seek app by iNaturalist to identify the living things you meet.

Run your own science experiments

Ask a question, design your experiment, and start collecting data! Nature serves as the best source of inspiration, but if you need more ideas check out the links below:

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Take an Explore! At Home challenge. Every Monday BioBus scientists post a new idea for science exploration. Don’t forget to share your progress and findings with us!

Play a science-based game

Play to learn, play to explore, or play to just have some fun!

Going Viral is a printable card game created by BioBus interns. Become the virus, infect the cell, and replicate yourself!

Join a citizen science project

There are lots of big scientific research projects that need the participation of many people. You can be a part of figuring out the answer to a big question!

Take a virtual field trip

You can explore museums, parks, and even planets without leaving your home.

Expand your STEM knowledge

Online Learning Resource Libraries

Below are libraries of hundreds of online learning tools that have a large range of applications. Some of these libraries allow filtering resources by grade level, subject, and other criteria to help you find ones that best meet your needs and interests.

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