Our volunteers are Ph.D. and post-doctoral scientists from across New York City that believe science shouldn’t remain locked up in an ivory tower! Volunteers work side-by-side with students, demonstrating practices, encouraging hands-on time, and helping students deepen their understanding of both scientific principles and careers in science.

Teachers tell us one of the most powerful parts of the BioBus and BioBase experience is their students discovery that scientists can be young, passionate about what they do, and fun!

Our volunteers study everything from neuroscience to condensed matter physics to obstetrics. This school year alone 37 scientists gave over 600 hours to help our students reach their full potential.

As a volunteer, I help students explore marine biology with microscopes on the bus. I also bring mutant nematode worms, the same organism I study for my PhD research, to the BioBase to show students the fundamentals of genetics. I value my experience as a volunteer because it allows me to take the subject I love and share it hands on with the a new generation of excited scientists.

Max Kramer