Our Year in Review

Thanks to the support of our donors and volunteers, we had an incredible year and hit a remarkable milestone – over 150,000 people have boarded the BioBus since we first hit the road in 2008! Here’s how this year breaks down.

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30,000 people on board the BioBus this year

19,000 students boarded the bus at their school. We had 11,000 participants at public events, including Loisaida Festival and World Science Festival.

154 teaching days at 111 schools

87% of the schools we visited were from in high socioeconomic need communities. 76% of our students were minorities who are underrepresented in science. 90% of all our programs were in the five boroughs.

900 students engaged in 5,000 hours of science at the BioBase

Over 190 students took in-depth classes, averaging 20 hours of hands-on science per student. Over 600 participants in public events hosted at the BioBase.

Our volunteers gave 758 hours of their time this school year.

We raised over $1,000,000 from our fantastic community of donors. Thank you! You make BioBus successful!