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About BioBus

Founded in 2008, BioBus, Inc. works towards a future in which all people experience the excitement of scientific discovery and have equal opportunity to pursue science careers. We cultivate this vision by creating immersive laboratory environments, such as the BioBus and BioBase, in which scientists join students for hands­-on scientific exploration.

BioBus, Inc. opens doors to science for minority, female, and low-­income students in New York City, giving pre-K­ – grade 12 students the chance to experience the excitement of discovery, to be mentored by PhD scientists, and to conduct their own science projects. The BioBus mobile laboratory is a research­-grade microscope lab on a 1974 transit bus that visits schools, each day providing an introductory science experience at a level unavailable in even the most respected private and charter schools. The BioBase community laboratory is a state-­of­-the-­art lab on Manhattan’s Lower East Side that offers in­-depth science programs after school, on weekends, and during the summer. At the BioBase, students are mentored by BioBus scientists, participate in research projects, and even teach science to younger students. The current BioBus and BioBase are at capacity and reach 30,000 students each year.