The BioBase is a state-of-the-art, interdisciplinary community science lab housed at the Lower Eastside Girls Club. At the BioBase, students use research-grade microscopes during school-day, after-school, weekend, and summer science explorations. BioBase Ph.D. level scientists lead standards-aligned courses in biological science, environmental science, and materials science that nurture students’ natural curiosity and critical thinking skills.

Afterschool programs at the BioBase provide a space exclusively for girls and young women to fulfill their scientific potential. Over the course of the semester, students learn to formulate and test their own hypotheses. Students engage in lessons from a variety of scientific fields such as biological sciences, environmental sciences, and material science.

Recommended for: grades 3-12, girls only

Saturday Science occurs in 4 session blocks throughout the school year. Students are guided on an amazing scientific journey. We combine science and art to make their experience with science one that they will not forget!  The class is broken-up into small groups to increase the scientist to student ratio and to maximize the students’ hands-on scientific exploration.

Recommended for: ages 8-12

During summer camp, students define themselves as stewards of the environment.  The camp is field work intensive with an emphasis on hands-on scientific exploration. Working side-by-side with Ph.D. scientists, students will develop hypotheses and design experiments. Using $35,000+ university-grade microscopes, students will identify the organisms they find and better understand the complex web of life that exists even in the most urban of settings.

Recommended for: Grades 6 - 12