BioBus Town Halls

Every Thursday at 4pm, BioBus will host a panel of scientists to discuss a topic of YOUR choosing and answer questions asked by YOU. These sessions are broadcast on our YouTube Page! Subscribe below and to get reminders about each new Town Hall!

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Upcoming Town Halls

The next Town Hall is Thursday, June 4 at 4pm on Climate Science! Submit your questions now!

Past Town Halls

Thursday, May 28 – Skin and Bones with BioBus Scientist Dr. Rob and Dr. Piul from NYU Langone!
Thursday, May 21 – Tools Scientists Use with BioBus Scientist Francesca Anselmi and returning guest Memorial Sloan Kettering researcher, Marisa Dunigan!
Thursday, May 14 – Marine Biology with BioBus Scientists Sarah Weisberg and Mollie Thurman
¡El Primer Foro Científico Estudiantil en español!
Jueves 14 de Mayo – los insectos con Dras. Maria Mazin de BioBus y Loren Rivera-Vega, investigadora de Texas A&M University.
Thursday, May 14 – Bugs, in Spanish, with Entomologists Drs. Maria Mazin and Loren Rivera-Vega
Thursday, May 7 – COVID-19 and The Immune System with returning guests Drs. Charlie Benson and Davida Smyth and new guest Memorial Sloan Kettering researcher, Marisa Dunigan!
Thursday, April 30 – Plants! with scientists Ashley Pirovano and Miranda Gray
Thursday, April 23 – How Do We Get Sick? Q&A with Drs. Charlie Garnett-Benson and Davida Smyth and NYU Graduate Student / BioBus intern Zarina Akbary
Thursday, April 16th – Brains and Senses Q&A – with neuroscientists Evan McCurdy and Rosemary Puckett
Thursday, April 9th – Brains Q&A with Drs. Heather McKellar and Sandra Franco
Thursday, April 2nd – COVID-19 Q&A Part II with Drs. Joel Oppenheim and Nina Gnaedig
Thursday, March 26 – COVID-19 Q&A Part I with Drs. Christine Marizzi and Robert Frawley