BioBus LES


The BioBus team had its humble beginnings in the vibrant community on the Lower East Side, operating out of community laboratories in the LES Girls Club and The LES Ecology Center. Since then, our BioBus mobile laboratories have spent over 250 days at schools in LES and Chinatown! Whether we are examining the biodiversity of marine creatures in the East River or measuring soil nutrients in community gardens, our community scientists on the LES Team strive to put LES residents’ interests at the forefront of our programs!


Since 2008, over 25,000 students from School Districts 1 and 2 have experienced the joy of scientific discovery aboard the mobile laboratory in our BioBus school visits! For more details, check out our BioBus Visit Page


In BioBus Explore programs, students have the opportunity to dig deep into a scientific topic alongside BioBus Scientists! On the LES, BioBus scientists provide support during the school days with research-grade scientific equipment and expertise in schools such as School for Global Leaders, PS/MS 34, and East Side Community School. After school, young scientists can participate in Tool Time, a program where they use a new piece of science equipment each week, and high schoolers participate in Explorers club, a program in which students build an interdisciplinary relationship with science. Contact BioBus scientist, Marina Delgado ( to discuss setting up a BioBus Explore Program at your school!

Our newest community lab space graciously donated by School for Global Leaders MS 328!


In the BioBus Junior Scientist Programs, Junior Scientists receive training and mentorship from research scientists, while developing their own independent projects and co-teaching BioBus programs to younger students! All high school and college Junior Scientists are paid for their work with BioBus. The LES Junior Scientist program has been developed in collaboration with schools including East Side Community High School and The New School.

Recently, LES Junior Scientists have been working on science projects in the LES Community Gardens! The They have been studying lead and microplastic contamination, mosquito population control, and how to incorporate technology and game play into our curriculum!

Junior Scientists presenting their research at La Plaza Cultural community garden!