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Important Note: No in-person BioBus visits will be held at least until Feb. 14, due to high COVID-19 transmission rates in NYC. We are closely monitoring the situation, and hope to return to in-person programs as soon as it is safe to do so. Until then, all BioBus visits will be in the form of Remote Lab Visits. Make sure to also check out BioBus Student Town Halls, STEAM Challenges, and STEAM Themes to continue your science exploration online.

Thank you for your interest in BioBus programs!

Please fill out the form below to request a BioBus visit for your school or organization. You can indicate whether you would prefer for us to come to your site in-person or connect with your in a remote lab visit.

A few important things to note:

  • We will work with you to determine the format of any in-person program, taking into consideration your program needs, space availability, and health protocols.
  • In the case of an imminent public health crisis or other emergency, we may need to modify the format of an in-person visit or fully change it to a remote lab visit in order to do our part to keep our communities safe. We will work with you to find the most suitable option, but please keep in mind that rescheduling may not be possible.
  • We would love to share the excitement of scientific discovery with every single student. However, our capacity is very limited. The allocation of our resources depends on many factors, geographic location being an important one. So, please make sure to correctly enter your school or organization’s 5-digit zip code. Thank you!

We appreciate your patience as we do our best to get back to you quickly!

Please contact if you have any trouble filling or submitting this form.