DIY Microscope Curriculum

The Optics and Lenses Show –
An Educational Video Series

Check out episode #1 of the Optics and Lenses Show. When things went virtual and building microscopes became impossible, Junior scientist Paul Ajayi scripted a 4-episode series on how light and lenses work.

We look forward to seeing more of the Optics and Lenses Show!


Our Junior Scientists Desiree Obaji and Ruby Gumenick put together this eye disease glossary for students studying the eye.

Curriculum Alignment to Standards

See a sample of 3rd grade standards alignment for this lesson (Completed by Paul Ajayi).

Curricula for Teachers

This content was developed by Junior Scientists Ahmed Alzubairi, Zarina Akbary, and Ashley Rivas; it was then refined by staff and organized by Paul Ajayi.

Do-It-Yourself Microscope

Check out the Intern-built Do-it-yourself Microscope Website