Drugs for Bugs: Friend or Foe?

Drugs for Bugs: Friend or Foe?

Drugs for Bugs: Friend or Foe?

Join BioBus and the Lower Eastside Girls Club for science happy hour featuring microbiologist Marty Blaser, Ph.D.

Tuesday June 18th 2019 • 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Lower Eastside Girls Club

Enjoy drinks and light bites, hear some of the latest science about our microbiome from our guest speaker, and ignite your natural curiosity using our microscopes.

6:30pm Doors Open
7:00pm Guest Speaker: Marty Blaser, Ph.D.

This is a public event for all ages. Children accompanied by adults are welcome.

Photo and/or video recording may be taken. If you prefer not to be included in any recording, please just let us know.

“They might not help, but won’t hurt”
Hidden Costs of Antibiotic Treatments
Everyone takes antibiotics. Once a breakthrough in medicine, they are now used very often. We use them as if there were essentially no long-term side effects. But what if there are? In this session, Dr. Martin Blaser will discuss dark sides of antibiotic effects on the human microbiome, and suggest how families can proceed.

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