Hello! I’m here! Can you hear me?

Hello! I'm here! Can you hear me?

Hello! I’m here! Can you hear me?

March 31, 2015 // 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Speaker: Professor Darcy Kelley

6:30-7pm Welcome reception

7-7:30pm Talk by Professor Kelley

7:30-8pm Tours of the BioBase

How does my brain understand that you’re talking to me?

We process speech differently from all other sounds that we hear throughout our day. But how? In her research, Professor Darcy Kelley seeks to uncover the basic biology of how brains decipher social communication by studying a special animal, the South African clawed frog. Using noise alone, her frogs can tell if other frogs are of the same species, what sex they are, if they are interested in sex, and where they are. What’s more, the latest in neuroscience technologies allows Darcy and her lab to delve into the frogs’ brains and figure out how they process all of that info.

Join us for a science happy hour, in which we will learn about the latest developments in the neurobiology of social communication from Professor Darcy Kelley!

Darcy Kelley is a Professor in the Biological Sciences department at Columbia University and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Darcy is also a leader within the scientific community in developing new ways to make learning science more engaging and meaningful.