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Discover More in our Town Hall Series

POLLUTION AND THE ENVIRONMENT with Dr. Bhawani Venkataraman of The New School and Dr. Judy Zelikoff of NYU Langone (7/30/20)

How do contaminants in the water affect things that drink or live there? Are pollutants in our air bad for our breathing? What is a superfund site and how do you clean toxic chemicals from the environment?

ANIMAL BEHAVIOR with Leslie Sibener of Columbia University’s Zuckerman Institute and Connor Gibbons of New York Aquarium (7/23/20)

How do animals sense danger? Is it true that an octopus can fit in a jar? Why do crabs fight each other?

BIRDS with Jo Santiago of the U.S. Forest Service and Rachel Roth of the Great Plains Nature Center (7/16/20)

Why do birds sing? Do all birds migrate? Can different kinds of birds communicate with each other?

NYC Waterways with Helen Cheng of Science and Resilience Institute of Jamaica Bay and New York Sea Grant and Rob Buchanan of Billion Oyster Project (7/9/20)

What makes a river a river? How do trees and oysters protect the waterways? Is it safe to swim in the Hudson River?

BioBus Junior Scientist Edition featuring Science Research Projects by BioBus High School and College Interns (6/25/20)

How have humans come through pandemics in the past? What nutrients are found in different fruits? How does social isolation affect mental health?

Cómo Nos Enfermamos con Dr. Ana Maria Porras de Cornell University y Dr. Elizabeth Diago de Departamento de Salud de Nueva York (6/18/20)

De qué maneras nos podemos contagiar de enfermedades? Cómo sabe tu cuerpo si un patógeno es bueno o malo cuando entra al cuerpo? Cómo funcionan los antibióticos?

DNA, Inheritance and Genetic Tools with Dr. Teaster Baird of San Francisco State University and BioBus Scientist Dr. Christine Marizzi (6/11/20)

What is inheritance? Can DNA be a helpful tool? How do our genes react in our life?

Climate Change with Dr. Logan Brenner of Barnard College and Alyssa Stansfield of Stony Brook University (6/4/20)

How do we know the climate is changing? What is a greenhouse gas? What’s a reasonable way to solve climate change?

Skin and Bones with Dr. Piul Rabbani from NYU Langone and BioBus Scientist Dr. Rob Frawley (5/28/20)

How are skin and bones made? How do bones break and then come back together again? What can we do to protect our skin?

Tools Scientists Use with BioBus Scientist Dr. Francesca Anselmi and Memorial Sloan Kettering researcher Marisa Dunigan (5/21/20)

What do you use to look into people’s bodies? How does a microscope work? Do scientists create their own tools to study things like DNA, viruses, and more?

Los Insectos con Dr. Maria Mazin de BioBus y Dr. Loren Rivera-Vega de Texas A&M University (5/14/)

Marine Biology with BioBus Scientists Sarah Weisberg and Mollie Thurman (5/14/20)

COVID-19 and The Immune System with Dr. Charlie Garnett-Benson of Georgia State University, Dr. Davida Smyth of The New School, and Marisa Dunigan of Memorial Sloan Kettering (5/7/20)

Can the immune system fight coronavirus? Why are antibodies so important to beat COVID-19? How do some people not realize it’s in their system when they don’t have symptoms?

Plants! with BioBus Scientist Ashley Pirovano and Miranda Gray of Queens Botanical Garden (4/30/20)

Why do flowers have pollen? How do some flowers grow back in the spring after dying in the winter? What’s in the soil that keeps plants alive?

How We Get Sick with Dr. Charlie Garnett-Benson of Georgia State University and Dr. Davida Smyth of The New School and NYU Graduate Student / BioBus intern alumna Zarina Akbary (4/23/20)

How do germs spread? How does the body determine if a bacteria is good or bad when it enters? Which part of the body deals with the most germs when we get sick?

The Brain and Senses with BioBus Scientist and American Museum of Natural History Brain Educator Rosemary Puckett and Ethan McCurdy of New York University Neuroscience Institute (4/16/20)

How do the senses work? Why do we have brain cells? How do memories from long ago make their way back into our present thoughts?

Brains! with Dr. Sandra Franco of Columbia University and Dr. Heather McKellar of New York University Neuroscience Institute and BraiNY (NYC’s Society for Neuroscience Outreach Chapter) (4/9/20)

What is the definition of a thought? Are we born with our neurological pathways? How can our brains change?

COVID-19 Part II with Dr. Joel Oppenheim of New York University School of Medicine and Dr. Nina Gnädig of Columbia University Medical Center (4/2/20)

Will coronavirus always be a part of our environment, or will it run its course and completely disappear? How are scientists making medical cures and vaccines? What is one GOOD thing about coronavirus?

COVID-19 Part I with BioBus Scientists Dr. Christine Marizzi and Dr. Robert Frawley (3/26/20)

What does the coronavirus do to people? Why is COVID-19 so strong and why does it spread so quickly? How does the virus change as it gets transmitted from person to person? Does it get stronger or weaker?