Students: Nico Bustamante, Addeson Lehv
Mentor: Luis Perez-Cuesta
All 2018-2019 Projects

Brief Description: Interns fabricated a scaled up model of the human eye to explain vision!


The human eye is a complex optical device that allows for reactive vision using 2 lenses working in conjunction – just like a microscope. Interns designed and fabricated a scaled up model of the human eye (about 17x bigger) with functioning iris to restrict light entering, a projection screen retina, and replaceable crystalline lenses to focus on near or far-away objects. Creation of this model required skills in laser cutting, 3D printing and design, electronics, coding, iterative design and fabrication. The eye is as true to the dimension and function of a real human eye as was possible, and has already been used in small classes and large science communication events.