2018-2019 Junior Scientist Projects

Junior Scientists spent the year working on their independent research projects under the guidance of BioBus scientists. Below is the result of their many months of hard work.

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2018-2019 High School & College Junior Scientist Projects

By altering antennae in populations of ants Busayo tried to discern antenna-specific functions.
Interns fabricated a scaled up model of the human eye to explain vision!
Zarina studied a population of daphnia contaminated with environmentally-realistic concentrations of microplastics.
Effects of Dauer on C. elegans Behaviors: Assessing Impact of Various Induction Methods Across Mutants
How does lead contamination in the soil affect plant growth?
Analyzed wild-type and mutant Drosophila’s behavior when exposed to different types and level of alcohol using choice chambers.
Interns compiled a wealth of resources to make a Hudson River guide.
Brain and the Brainless: Euglena, Perception and Brainwaves
Studying antibiotic resistance of gut bacteria in Molgula manhattensis