Can You Get COVID-19 More than Once?

With COVID-19 spreading everywhere, there’s a lot of fear and false information about the virus spreading with it. News of people getting COVID twice might have popped up on you or your friends’ social media feeds. But, you don’t have to worry because many stories about COVID reinfection, or being infected with the coronavirus more than once, aren’t really backed up by doctors.

Let’s talk about COVID immunity. Typically, when you catch a virus once, you might gain some immunity to it, meaning the next time the virus enters your body, you will fight it off fast enough that the virus’ symptoms won’t affect you very much before it disappears. For COVID-19, this means that the virus probably won’t cause you to have very intense symptoms if it enters your body more than once.

Can you get COVID more than once? Testing positive for COVID more than once usually means that the person never completely got rid of all the virus from the first infection. It may possible, but is highly unlikely, to catch COVID a second time.


Author: Sammy Tavassoli (BioBus Junior Scientist)
Animator: Sammy Tavassoli
Original COVID-101 Article by Brad Kern Phd