COVID-101 for Kids

How Many People Have Died?

In your mom’s closet or in a shoe box under the bed, you might find a fancy-looking colored piece of paper that says “Birth Certificate” on it. Your parents probably got that birth certificate from the hospital right after you were born. In fact, if your neighbors or classmates were ...
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Can You Get COVID-19 More than Once?

With COVID-19 spreading everywhere, there’s a lot of fear and false information about the virus spreading with it. News of people getting COVID twice might have popped up on you or your friends’ social media feeds. But, you don’t have to worry because many stories about COVID reinfection, or being ...
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Will COVID-19 be worse in winter?

Do you ever wonder why your body changes as it gets colder? Or how you see more people catching the flu or a cold in the winter? Common cold coronaviruses have been found everywhere no matter what season. However, in most of the United States, the common cold coronavirus and ...
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T Cell Immunity?

COVID-101 For Kids Maybe you’ve heard the word immunity a lot this year. Having immunity, or “being immune”, means your body is able to fight off specific diseases by recognizing it quickly and eliminating pieces of disease. In school you may learn that being immune relies on your body making ...
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