BioBus is Back In Person

Outdoor, indoor, or hybrid science labs with community scientists!

Outside with 3 students standing on the left facing a microscope with an adult. All are wearing t-shirts. One student is pointing towards the microscope. Another microscope science station is in the background.
BioBus brought two science stations to a Community Resource Fair outside a public school in April 2021

BioBus scientists are ready for safe, in person programs for all ages

BioBus is equipped to return to in person programs with options for outdoor, indoor, and hybrid science labs.

We have standalone science stations – battery powered microscopes on wheels – and our two mobile science labs (aka the BioBuses). BioBus scientists will come to you and your students! We will bring microscopes to sidewalks and courtyards to turn the world around our young scientists into a laboratory.

Students work with scientists to investigate the world through a different lens, make observations, develop hypotheses, and experience the joy of scientific discovery first-hand!

Want to book or learn more about a BioBus program?

Please email to inquire about in-person BioBus programs for the 2021-22 academic year. Make sure to let us know which school or organization you’re with, how many students you’re working with, and when you would like to have the program.

We will do our best to respond quickly and prioritize time sensitive requests.


“My students needed an opportunity to experience labs again and the BioBus got that “delivered” via remote instruction. They helped show my kids that scientists are fun, interesting humans beyond the content. The content itself was informative and clarified a lot of student misconceptions about the Hudson River.”

-- M. R., middle school science teacher, Lower East Side


“Your staff is absolutely outstanding! They engaged all the students and they make learning this way just the most fun.”

-- P. S., elementary school teacher, West Bronx


“[My students] loved it and they said that they felt like real scientists!!!!”

-- Y. R., elementary school teacher, East Harlem


“...BioBus gave my students an entire hour to not think about anything else and just have some fun with science! They were so engaged and could not stop asking questions. It was amazing to see.”

-- E. D., middle school teacher, Lower East Side


“I know how excited [my students] were. They didn't even have time to send silly messages in the Meet chat, so that says a lot!”

-- J. S., elementary school science teacher, Bushwick


“My students look forward to any trip or virtual trip we have with BioBus... they've already asked me when the next one will be!”

-- L. F., elementary school teacher, Inwood

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