2019-2020 Junior Scientist Projects

With the switch to virtual programs, many Junior Scientists had to switch to new projects in March. Below is their collective research and science communication work!

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Special Feature: Paul Ajayi

Paul Kehinde Ajayi was our most senior Junior Scientist in the 2019-20 academic year. Paul’s responsibilities ranged from building microscopes, to aligning curriculum, to mentoring our Harlem weekday Junior Scientists.
Below are links to just some of the incredible projects Paul has participated in.

DIY Curriculum Page
Race Resource Guide

2019-2020 High School and College Junior Scientist Projects

Affect My Mental Health – Elani Colon & Teresa Bautista
History of Pandemics: SARS – Joseph Parziale

Middle School Project Guides – Emily EIchenholtz & Addeson Lehv
Effects of Social Distancing on Mental Health – Nicholas Bustamante, Miah Soto & Anjali Basdeo
Zoomcast: The Brain in Stress – Pamela Anderson & Jaylene Munoz
History of Pandemics: Ebola – Rubie Menendez
Habits and the Brain: A Kahoot Quiz – Junice Caminero & Chelsea Diawuo
For Adults
For Kids
Nutrients of Fruits: Micro and Macro – Christine Kuang, Mara Uben, Moises Lantigua
Marine Cladocerans: Biological Illustration – Brianna Brookes
Neighborhood Soil Science: George Washington Carver Curriculum – Jane Rhee, Shemar Rhoden, Joseph Parziale
Going Viral: The Card Game – Ruby Gumenick & Desiree Obaji